pink tree in bloom

pink tree in bloom | mixed media on birch panel | 12 x 12 in | $100 USD | framed

Memories of the pink mimosa tree that bloomed in the front yard of Grandma’s house on Grand Avenue. It was the first thing we saw after the long drive when we pulled up in our black Chevy Impala station wagon. I thought it was the most beautiful tree I had ever seen. Every memory of her house full of worn but well loved things; the maroon couch, chenille bedspreads, the telephone chair, ancient linoleum, and Grandma.

Framed dimensions of artwork: 13 1/2 H x 13 1/2 W x 3/4 D (inches).
Frame finish is flat black.

pink tree in bloom

Includes cost of shipping within the continental US. If you’d like to ship to other locations, please contact me so that we can work out the details. Thank you!


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