clothes-line rosary

clothes-line rosary | mixed media on birch panel | 12 x 12 in | $200 USD* | framed

The clothes-line is a Rosary
Of household help and care;
Each little saint the Mother loves
Is represented there.

And when across her garden plot

She walks, with thoughtful heed,

I should not wonder if she told

Each garment for a bead.

A stranger passing, I salute

The Household in its wear,

And smile to think how near of kin

Are love and toil and prayer.

A thought for Washing Day by Julia ward howe

For all the moms who juggle.

*Cost does not include shipping.
Framed dimensions of artwork: 13 1/2 H x 13 1/2 W x 3/4 D (inches).
Frame finish can be: black, white or natural wood.

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