The Metrics of Beginning Again

This is a series of 10 birch panels that I created during Nicholas Wilton’s Creative Visionary Program. I decided to take the intensive 12 week course in February 2020, before the Covid Pandemic was fully realized. Had I known what was coming, I probably would not have enrolled. But, it became a sanity saver for me; it demanded that I peel my eyes away from the news and use my mind for creativity instead of worried obsession.

When I started the course, I realized that I had been stuck in the same, familiar, safe place with my art. I needed to risk whatever it took to go further. “Begin again” was a phrase introduced to me by author, Leeana Tankersley. Beginning again was not something to be ashamed of. Beginning again is something to be welcomed every new morning or even every hour, if needed. The Benedictines thought of it as a holy act. Celebrate it. Be thankful for it. Receive peace and reassurance from it. Be excited by it!

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