thank you

thank you

Wow. Opening night at Vino and Vinyl was awesome. Six of my best are hanging proudly on their walls and it was so much fun sharing them in public with my friends. I’ve already had really great feedback, including how much better everything looks in person than on my website. (All art is so amazing in person, of course. But I am brainstorming about how I can improve the way my art appears on my website.)

I really enjoyed the evening. It was a true celebration. Hopefully we didn’t scare off any VV Friday night regulars with the crowd. Being the introvert, part of me was terrified to work the room but all the friendly faces made it easier than I thought. I actually ended up wishing for more time with each person when conversations got cut short.

The opening was on Friday and it’s now Thursday afternoon. It has taken me a while to recover and bounce back from the emotional and physical demands of this type of event. I was wiped out but hope to pick up a brush very soon. I’ve missed it; missed the process and the way I think when I’m painting.

A dear musician friend of mine who encouraged me to pursue big dreams passed today. She loved that I painted abstracts. I talked to her Friday morning before the opening and told her all about it. She couldn’t come that night. She was not well enough. Lana would have loved it. She threw amazing parties and was a pro at entertaining the room. This night was something that we were both dreaming of and hoping for. So I’m dedicating opening night to her.


it’s really happening!

I am incredibly excited to announce that my art will be on display at Vino & Vinyl for the month of March! This will be a first for me and on a personal level is such a big deal!


Come and enjoy opening night with me!
Friday, March 3, 2017, 6:00-8:00 pm
3340 FM 1092, Suite 150
Missouri City, TX 77459

For the last two years, I have been picking up my paints and brushes again with a new intensity. I wanted to pursue my craft so that it would become a way of how I live my daily life. When I began to take deliberate actions toward my goal, I felt such a shift. The years of creative energy that had been percolating away on my back-burner now had a place to go. It was like watching a slow lava flow; not really fast, sometimes dark and ugly but there was definitely a lot of fire under there. I felt more real, more true to myself. It’s been such a good and healing experience for me.

I would love it if you could celebrate with me on this special night as I take a big step and put my latest artwork out there. Vino & Vinyl (Missouri City location) is a wine bar/lounge and record store that supports local art.

If you can’t make it to opening night, my work will be on display for the whole month of March.
Regular business hours for Vino & Vinyl:
Tuesday through Thursdays 4-11 pm
Friday and Saturdays 4pm – midnight
Closed Sundays and Mondays


“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this ’emotion’ is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder, or stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead. His eyes are closed.” – Albert Einstein

That Einstein guy was pretty smart. Merry Christmas and may you open the gift of a long moment of wonder.


Ornamental: serving to add beauty

This abstract came from a photo that I had of all our ornaments taken down from the tree. I posted it on a blog that I had at that time and titled it, Until Next Year. I was in that headspace of looking back on the past year and looking forward to what was ahead. Such a familiar place, an annual, unavoidable, tradition for me. Amid the brightness, reflection of lights and sparkle, coziness, gifts and comfort, I felt incredibly sad.

This year I started to think about how my traditions and rituals, touchstones of this Christmas season, may be part of this dynamic. Add the glittering ornamentation that tends to saturate the senses to the miraculous beauty of how Jesus began his human life, and this narrative is not enough. I need the rest of the story and more. In that sense of incompleteness, stripped of any twinkle lights or sparkle, is where God meets me. He breaks apart the traditions and ornamentation; he dissects my ideas of him and how I see the world. Thinking about my past and stretching forward into the future, I sit with him in the midst and look for him. Next year I will take out that box of decorations again and I will see that the ornaments and sentimental traditions have stayed the same, but I am changed. This is where God meets me.

“God is not that which gives a meaning to our world. God is that which breaks into our worlds of meaning and breaks them apart. God is in the midst of life and in the midst of our suffering and not that God takes it away but that God is somehow with us.”   -Peter Rollins

“See, a virgin will become pregnant and give birth to a son, and they will name him Immanuel,” which means, “God with us.”  Matthew 1:23

ornamental side view.jpg
layers of glitter cover the edges of the canvas


ornamental | acrylic on canvas and glitter | 36 x 36 | $550

only us

Caught a 2014 episode of Parts Unknown in Massachusetts with Anthony Bourdain. Was amazed at the eloquence and truthfulness of his words at the end of the episode. I’m impressed and drawn into thinking deeply. Well done. It makes me realize that I have so many platforms from which to speak. It doesn’t have to be just from an artist’s perspective or just from a mom’s perspective, but many variations, times and places to choose from. I just need to speak.

BOURDAIN: Let’s start by being honest with ourselves. As a nation, for decades, we were perfectly happy to write off whole neighborhoods, whole cities, whole generations of young men and women. As long as it was an inner city problem, an urban problem, which is to say a black people problem, a brown people problem. Send them to prison into a system from which they’ll never return. Maybe now, now that it’s really come home to roost, now that it’s the high school quarterback, your next-door neighbor, your son, your daughter, now that grandma is as likely to be a junkie as anyone else, we’ll accept that there has never been a real war on drugs. War on drugs implies an us versus them, and all over this part of America, people are learning there is no them. There is only us. And we’re going to have to figure this out together.