My name is Carlotta Baird and I am an artist. I create abstract images inspired by visual references from nature, using primarily acrylic, spray paint, oil paint sticks and most recently collage. I begin with an idea for a composition, then, as I paint, depart from the original visual reference. I use intuitive mark-making, shapes, and color to direct my paintings, balanced with principles of design and composition.

I am interested in certain emotional narratives that operate in endless loops. Painting seems to be a place where I can give a form and sometimes resolution to these long conversations with myself. At the core, these are the conversations that disrupt the certainty of my belief systems and force me to explore new ideas of doubt and faith. As my work is displayed, I hope to hold space for the viewer’s narrative as well.


When I was a little girl, I had a dream about carrying a giant book that held the story of Romeo and Juliet. It was a huge, leather bound book with gold decorations and bold pictures. In the dream, hidden between the lines of this incredible play was an even bigger love story, a story with extravagant passion and inclusive love. In my dream, it was a story that the people in charge did not want to be shared. They feared its power. It is a privilege and an adventure to use my creative abilities so that I remind myself and others about that bigger love story.

In 2016, I began picking up my paints and brushes again with a new eagerness. I wanted to pursue my craft so that it would become a way of how I live my daily life. When I took deliberate actions toward my goal, I felt such a shift. The years of creative energy that were percolating away on my back-burner now had a place to go.

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