thank you

thank you

Wow. Opening night at Vino and Vinyl was awesome. Six of my best are hanging proudly on their walls and it was so much fun sharing them in public with my friends. I’ve already had really great feedback, including how much better everything looks in person than on my website. (All art is so amazing in person, of course. But I am brainstorming about how I can improve the way my art appears on my website.)

I really enjoyed the evening. It was a true celebration. Hopefully we didn’t scare off any VV Friday night regulars with the crowd. Being the introvert, part of me was terrified to work the room but all the friendly faces made it easier than I thought. I actually ended up wishing for more time with each person when conversations got cut short.

The opening was on Friday and it’s now Thursday afternoon. It has taken me a while to recover and bounce back from the emotional and physical demands of this type of event. I was wiped out but hope to pick up a brush very soon. I’ve missed it; missed the process and the way I think when I’m painting.

A dear musician friend of mine who encouraged me to pursue big dreams passed today. She loved that I painted abstracts. I talked to her Friday morning before the opening and told her all about it. She couldn’t come that night. She was not well enough. Lana would have loved it. She threw amazing parties and was a pro at entertaining the room. This night was something that we were both dreaming of and hoping for. So I’m dedicating opening night to her.


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