artist decoded

artist-decoded-by-yoshinoOne of the first things that I started doing after diving into painting again was listening to this podcast, Artist Decoded by Yoshino. Those conversations kept me company as I was stepping into the vulnerability of making my marks on paper or canvas. Yoshino and the artists who were interviewed became my own little artist tribe, support community before I could make that happen in my own world. Yoshino interviews from such a relaxed and respectful place, it creates these open and authentic, extended conversations. I feel so strongly that we grow in our humanity when we listen to other people’s stories. I have found myself nodding and smiling, learning something new about the artist, about myself, in each episode.

Also as a side benefit, my instagram feed and playlists have gotten so much better just from following the artists that I really like or checking out the music that gets mentioned.

One of my favorite interviews so far has been with Blake Neubert.

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